About MeliMeli

Welcome to the wold of MeliMeli. This is the start of a long lasting love story.

The idea behind the brand was born through a passion for creating a home that mirrors the person who lives in it. Each product is carefully designed to create an aesthetically cohesive impression while still reflecting the personal style of each customer. The beautiful designs work just as well in playful, eccentric homes as they do in minimalist spaces. Our signature sofas BLANCA, LUCA and DAHLIA are accompanied by a carefully selected range of ottomans, armchairs, benches, headboards, cushions and rugs, all designed in-house using the highest quality materials. Our goal is to help you create an environment which reflects and enhances your personal taste

MeliMeli was launched in Sweden in 2015 by Amelia Widell and offers Scandinavian designed furniture made using high quality sustainable materials at a resonable price tag. We are able to offer affordable prices for high quality products as we only sell direct to consumer, there are no hidden middlemen. Equally, as the products are made to order, MeliMeli does not hold large amount of stock like other retailers, which enables us to keep the price at an affordable levels. When you buy a sofa from MeliMeli, you are buying a sofa that will last a life time, everything from the design, the frame, upholstery and fabrics are made to last